History of Aryan Sana


Aryan Sana Company is the exclusive representative of Alpha Vitamins products of America at the beginning of 2010 with the indescribable effort of Mr. Dr. Hossein Akbari Nabi, one of the famous and distinguished and admirable doctors who is one of the academic elites in the field of health and treatment and one of the top entrepreneurs of this border and region. First, he started in the field of medical equipment, and then in 2016, he succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation of American alphavitamins products in Iran, with hard work around the clock and exhausting efforts, and by passing the barrier of complex administrative bureaucracies in the Food and Drug Organization, and until 2017, all the products of this The company entered Iran with complete packaging and was often pre-purchased by nationwide broadcasts and was considered one of the best-selling supplements in Iran. Since 2018, with the change in the policies of the Food and Drug Organization, all the raw materials of Alpha Vitamins products are premixed and with strict and continuous monitoring and in accordance with It is imported with the product regulations under the license and the standards of the Food and Drug Organization along with the documentation of the manufacturer, and after conducting the usual tests by authorized laboratories and partners of the Ministry of Health, it is produced in the pharmaceutical sites of the contracting party and after packaging, it is sold in the supplement market. Due to the high quality and discerning and old consumers of this brand, most of the products of this company suffer from temporary shortages in the supplement market, and sometimes they are provided to pharmacies and supply centers with quotas by nationwide distributors. including Alflexil tablets - Alcogen capsules - Multidaily tablets, which are among the best-selling items and have a long history of use in the supplement market of Iran and the world.

Currently, this company has built its production site with the most equipped machines and hygienic air conditioners with prominent European brands and is ready to visit the esteemed experts of the Food and Drug Organization to obtain a GMP license in the field of production and packaging of Alpha Vitamins Group products. And job creation in this site will be 120 people directly and 250 people indirectly.

Research and development unit


The R&D unit is one of the active and sensitive parts of this company, and the senior management and respected experts of the regulatory unit are experienced managers with a long history (more than 30 years of service) in the pharmaceutical and supplement industry, and recently, in cooperation with the R&D unit of Alphavitamins Group of America and Asr Nano Nanotechnology Company is currently designing and formulating nutritional, herbal, dietary, sports and cosmetic supplement products in the form of nanotechnology and nano micelles, and the necessary measures and arrangements have been made with the Honorable Vice President for Scientific Technology in order to obtain a license to establish Arian Sana Company. And in the near future, Aryan Sana Company will receive the license of Danesh Banyan Type Ⅰ.

Construction of an international site for the production of food-pharmaceutical-herbal and sports supplements in Kaveh Special Economic Zone

Due to the great interest of the Board of Directors and respected shareholders of this company, especially Mr. Hossein Akbari Nabi, in the field of increasing employment and entrepreneurship for the youth of this border, fortunately in the development phase of the international production site of Alpha Vitamins products as a production hub in Kaveh Special Economic Zone in the sector At the end of last year, with the efforts of the senior managers of this company, a plot of land with an area of 17,000 square meters was purchased, and from the end of July 1402, the implementation of the project will begin with the presence of senior officials of the Ministry of Health and local authorities.

And according to the extensive planning that is being done, God willing, the second half of 1403 with the presence of senior officials of the Ministry of Health and local authorities and the honorable representatives of the Islamic Council, the ambassadors of Switzerland and Oman (as the protector of the interests of the United States) and the senior managers of the American Alpha Vitamins Company and with the presence Domestic and foreign media will be used officially and the opening of this project, which is the most important historical event for the first time after the revolution in the field of drug and supplement production, will be celebrated. At the same time, initial negotiations and meetings and frequent visits to purchase all clean room equipment and machines needed for this site from reputable European companies have started. According to the initial negotiations and the agreement between Fimabin and the American Alpha Vitamins Company, it was decided that all the raw materials of the American Alpha Vitamins Company products should be premixed to the production site of the Kaveh Special Economic Zone, and after production and packaging, they would be sent only to the countries of the Persian Gulf - North Africa - CIS-Iraq and produced with packaging according to the language and literature of each country and exported without entering the mainland. This important job creation will involve about 200 direct and 600 indirect people.